Connecting Business Decision Makers


Exclusive Program for Business Owner & Decision Makers.

Entrebator business Eco system is developed on four fundamental factor of business success .i.e. People, Process, Technology and Environment. Entrebator functions on two levels, Online/Appline and Program based offline environments.

The process and technology oriented Appline defines your business growth; the offline programs strengthen your network and contacts.

Programs & Events

The power of In person meetings makes a huge difference in establishing business relationships & a successful business network. face to face business programs guarantees a 100% verified Business Owners & Decision Makers environment. The formal and informal programs are defined and designed to enhance maximum participation with a singular goal that is “your business Growth”.

Consistency is the key to any success! Entrebator business Events establish a platform for Business owners to consistently meet and build their network and develop business. Programs like Microgroup, ActiveSpot, Dinner hangout, Ownercult, Walk & Talk, Business Badminton are some of the programs that act as platforms for Marketing.

Entrebator programs solely focus on providing you 360° marketing support and help you focus on the end result “Business Growth”.


Marketing is the corner stone for any business growth. Marketing encompasses sales, advertisement, branding, networking and market relationship. Ninety percentage of business owners do not invest on marketing due to lack of resources, investments and expertise. Moreover In this age of evolving technology, marketing has evolved into digital marketing making it complex for a business owner to comprehend.

Entrebator is a well designed process oriented marketing solution in the palm of a decision maker. An integrated mobile application that supports you with business process, business communication and business continuity. Its Marketing support functions like networking, advertising, lead generation and other business development tools play a vital role in empowering business owners to deploy a 360° approach to their marketing demand and better business growth..

At Entrebator, Business Owners & Decision Makers only need to participate actively in the well defined system and focus on their Business Growth.



Entrebator through its Mobile application provides its users, subscribers and members a superior suite of business process based tools and solutions like data management, CRM, Referral sharing, Branding & Advertising etc, which help business owners and decision makers bridge the gap in their business growth process and focus on profits.

Process driven

Process is fundamental to any business Growth and Success. By providing a well defined process oriented Business Eco System we at Business Brahma Worldwide Media are all set to support Business Owners & Decision makers in their Business Growth Process.

Business Event

Entrebator conducts several Business Gala Events in a year exclusively for its subscribers and members. The goal is to develop face to face interactions, provide Branding, Marketing and Sales environments through various exciting activities like Business Knowledge Share, Business Talk shows, Business Entertainment, Business Networking, Business contests and Business Dinner

Face to Face in-person activities

Each and every business system in One on One Links is completely process oriented. There is a definite and scientific method to conduct every activity and function.

Knowledge Share Sessions

Entrebator has one of the most superior Knowledge sharing programs in the market. Its training programmes are conducted by renowned experts in their particular industry verticals.